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稀有逸品2004 Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Reissue R9, One Piece Top HRM

NT$ 150,000.00

2004年製Gloss版,市場上非常稀有的One Piece Top,有別於以往兩片式楓木,用的是整片無對切的HRM Top,這些One Piece Top的R9少量出現在2003至2007年間,據傳當時每年約生產25支左右而已,相當罕見,目前全球幾乎沒有販售蹤跡,甚至連許多收藏家都不知道它們的存在。散狀虎紋中帶著像水波紋的天然木紋,延伸至整片Top,非常漂亮耐看。而HRM(Hard Maple)的楓木Top讓高頻更加清晰,延音也會更好。桃花心木琴身、玫瑰木指版,琴頸為'59 Neck Profile,握起來相當舒適。原廠配置Gibson Burstbucker拾音器。整體九成新,正常使用痕跡與小敲痕,琴頭漆面有因升級穩定性更佳的Grover弦鈕而壓迫導致的掉漆,不影響使用,其餘狀況相當不錯。Reissue系列不管是音色或是細節都是普通的Gibson無法比擬的,而這種難得一見的One Piece Top收藏價值更是高。Guitar Shop團隊更嚴格挑選的品質,更划算的價格,有興趣的買家把握機會。

售價NT$150,000,附Gibson原廠Case、證書文件與Guitar Shop專屬保固卡,本公司商品都經過嚴格檢驗與專業調整,一年保固、免費保養與完整的售後服務,安全有保障。歡迎刷卡、分期付款。

2004 Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Reissue R9 HRM(Hard Maple Top). This is a very rare with "One Piece Top"... We have never seen a one piece top on a R9, even a lot of collectors didn’t know the "one piece top" existed! The one piece top R9's is from 2003 to 2007 and Gibson has no clue about how many of these one piece top R9’s have been made exactly, though they said that "probably around 25 ever, but maybe much less". You get the idea of how rare this is! Don't miss out on this such a great guitar!

Guitar is in very good condition, just has some little dings and scratches and please check the chip in finish of headstock, the tuners has been upgraded to Grover.

Come with original Gibson Custom Shop hard case, and COA.