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夢幻逸品2010 Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page No.2 "Number Two" 1959 Les Paul Aged by Tom Murphy

NT$ 680,000.00

2010年發表,全球限量100支。2004年Gibson發表了Jimmy Page No.1 Les Paul,隨後於2010年推出了Jimmy Page另一把標誌性吉他Les Paul No.2。這是Jimmy Page最珍貴的吉他之一,Page於1960年末從Joe Walsh手中購入了傳奇的1959 Les Paul No.1,其琴頸已經幾乎被磨光了,同時也沒有序號,之後他數次想要再購買第二把Les Paul,直到1973年,他購買了被稱為No.2的1959 Les Paul Standard,而這把琴是完全原廠的,為了讓兩支琴頸尺寸差異不要過大,Page對琴頸外形加以打磨,使其彈奏起來盡可能的與自己的No.1相似,爾後這支琴就跟隨著Jimmy Page至今。此琴為目前Gibson Signature Reissue Model限量版中最少見的琴款之一,由傳奇技師Tom Murphy操刀,復刻於Led Zeppelin吉他手Jimmy Page手中編號9 1703的1959 Les Paul Standard。Tom Murphy完整複製了原琴的傷痕位置,讓任何細節都盡可能接近原琴,從木頭選料、外觀、配色一直到音色共鳴等,都是一支非常完美無可挑惕的Les Paul復刻琴。原廠搭配一組複製原琴音色的BurstBucker拾音器,而和原琴配置一樣,護板下方隱藏了兩個按鈕,能讓拾音器線圈分離、串行/並行以及反相選件,讓音色的部分和普通的Les Paul截然不同,擁有更豐富的音色。近年來的Gibson Signature Reissue Aged Model都已經不再由Tom Murphy舊化,Tom Murphy製作出來的舊化質感與細膩度是現在新款琴上都無法呈現的。Jimmy Page No.2 Les Paul Reissue Aged目前在市場上幾乎看不到販售蹤跡,Aged簽名版更是喊價到兩百多萬台幣,收藏價值非常高,有興趣的玩家把握機會。

售價NT$680,000,附Gibson原廠Case、證書文件與Guitar Shop專屬保固卡,本公司商品都經過嚴格檢驗與專業調整,一年保固、免費保養與完整的售後服務,安全有保障。歡迎刷卡、分期付款。

2010 Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page #2 "Number Two" 1959 Les Paul Reissue Aged by Tom Murphy, low serial number, only 100 in the run! very rare! Guitar is in excellent condition, just like new! Don't miss out on this such a great guitar!

Comes with the original Gibson aged version hard case, original paperwork and COA.

The 1959 Les Paul that has come to be known as “Number Two” was purchased by Page in 1973 after trying for some time to acquire an exceptional second Les Paul. This was several years after having acquired his other legendary Les Paul—“Number One”, a ’59 ’Burst with shaved-down neck profile and no serial number—from Joe Walsh. “Number Two” was essentially all original when he acquired it though Jimmy did have some modifications done to the neck shape so that it would more nearly match the feel of his “Number One”. The neck is certainly slim but not to such extremes as the now-ultra-slim neck on “Number One”. It had a strong, beautiful sunburst finish with a red element that had faded to a dusky amber-brown, along with a clear serial number dating it to 1959. Page played this Les Paul frequently through his days with Led Zeppelin, and in the early ’80s decided to make it an even more versatile instrument and “explore the full range of what the two humbuckers have to offer”.
Page designed a switching system for coil splitting, series/parallel, and phase-reverse options for both pickups, and employed a skilled electronics technician to devise a working schematic and make his sonic vision a reality. The result comprised a push/pull pot on each of the guitar’s four standard controls, plus two push-button switches hidden beneath the pickguard, all mounted on a ’59 Les Paul Standard that is otherwise a superb example of the breed, both in tone and playability.
The Custom Shop Jimmy Page “Number Two” Les Paul was recreated with intense, inch-by-inch examination of Page’s original guitar, inside and out. The process of getting it right involved the production of a number of hand-built prototypes, each of which was checked and critiqued in detail by Page himself. Approval of the final iteration was only offered after the legendary artist had intricately examined and extensively played this last prototype in his London home—after which it was given the thumbs-up, worthy of being the template for the Custom Shop Jimmy Page “Number Two” Les Paul. Only 325 examples will be produced in total: 100 will be aged by vintage-reproduction master Tom Murphy; 25 more will be aged by Tom Murphy and signed by Jimmy Page; and 200 will be finished to Gibson’s VOS specs.