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全新Gibson Custom Shop Slash Les Paul 1958 Reissue “First Standard” #8 3096 Replica Aged

NT$ 420,000.00

Gibson於1958年在博覽會上首次展出了兩支擁有楓木Top與Cherry Burst配色的新款Les Paul,其序號為#8 3096與#8 3087,並命名為Les Paul Standard。直到現今,50年代Les Paul Standard的造型與規格成為了經典,吉他歷史上不可獲缺的一幕。而其中序號#8 3096為Slash本人於80年代一直保留到至今的收藏,直到近期才證實Slash手中這支多年的#8 3096 Les Paul Standard收藏是當年改變吉他歷史的首款Les Paul Standard其中一支。

全新收藏品,2017年Slash Les Paul 1958 Reissue “First Standard” #8 3096 Replica 全球限量100支。以Custom Shop產線中最高等級的True Historic系列為基礎,從最頂級的木料、色漆、黏膠、配件等都和以往的Reissue完全不同,比起過去琴款更精細的複製技術與更完美的音色,不接音箱光是空弦就能感受到木頭最真實的共鳴回饋,原廠給True Historic的定義是一把音色幾近完美的Gibson復刻琴。原廠3D掃描技術,完整複製原琴的傷痕位置,讓任何的細節都盡可能接近原琴,而True Historic系列的舊化也比起以往更加精細,從Pickup Cover、Tuners、Jack Plate,所有的生鏽泛黃和使用痕跡,小到連螺絲都加以複製,這種舊化等級是以往Gibson琴款上完全見不到的。原廠搭配一組複製原琴音色的CustomBucker拾音器,前中段音色非常甜,後段則是出力大且有Gibson獨特濃厚帶有粘膩的鼻音,非常棒的音色,Neck Profile為特規'58 C-shape Profile,手感相當舒適。目前Slash 1958 “First Standard” Replica Aged這款琴在海外市場上已經飆漲超過台幣四十五萬,收藏價值與保值性非常高,且市場出現的機會越來越少,此琴為Guitar Shop Taiwan珍藏琴,由同批十幾支中嚴格挑選,有興趣的玩家們把握收藏機會。

售價NT$420,000,附Gibson原廠Case、證書文件與Guitar Shop專屬保固卡,本公司商品都經過嚴格檢驗與專業調整,一年保固、免費保養與完整的售後服務,安全有保障。歡迎刷卡、分期付款。

2017 Gibson Custom Shop Slash Les Paul 1958 Reissue “First Standard” #8 3096 Replica Aged. Limited run of 100. The serial number is 02X. Guitar is in mint condition.

Comes with the original Gibson aged version hard case, original paperwork and COA.

The original Les Paul Model featured a gold finish from its introduction in 1952 until it received a new cherry sunburst in 1958 along with a new name, "Les Paul Standard." It debuted at the July 1958 Music Industry Trade Show in Chicago but it didn't catch on until its beautiful appearance and resonant properties inspired the likes of Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Mike Bloomfield, Duane Allman, Peter Green, Joe Walsh, Joe Perry -- and eventually Slash -- to perform with one. And although Slash uses his beat-up 1958 Les Paul Standard regularly in the studio, he didn't know until a recent discovery that it was a hugely important piece of guitar history. Shipping records confirm that Slash's guitar (serial #8 3096) was actually sent to that historic 1958 Music Industry Trade Show as one of the first two sunburst Les Pauls ever made and the first ever to feature a two-piece center-seamed maple top, a key feature of the Les Paul Standard. That makes Slash's guitar the first production Les Paul Standard model!

So, this year Gibson Custom and Slash set out to capture the magic, vibe and history of #8-3096 for a special run of replicas. It was perhaps the most advantageous and laborious guitar recreation project Custom Shop has ever undertaken given the extreme finish checking, wear and corrosion of the original, not to mention the exact replication of the neck dimensions, colors and construction. The resulting prototype was sent to Slash and his reaction made all the painstaking work worth it: "Mind-blowing. I couldn't have possibly wanted anything more."  Now is your chance to own this instantly-collectible, playable work of art which pays homage to both a legendary player and legendary Gibson model -- a perfect replica of Slash's First Standard.