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稀有逸品1995 Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Reissue R9 Iced Tea Burst with AAAA Killer Top

NT$ 168,000.00

1995年製,市面上非常稀有的年份,經典的Iced Tea Burst配色加上至少4A等級起跳的狂野紋路,紋路介於虎紋與雲狀之間,這種紋路相對少見也相當耐看,難得的極品。二十三年的老琴,狀況高達九成五新,保存得非常好,些許不明顯的使用痕跡與小敲痕,Fret也沒有磨損痕跡,幾乎是收藏琴品項。早期的R9在市面上已經相當少見,90年的R9在海外市場行情幾乎都落在二十萬台幣起跳,完全是保值的象徵,收藏價值非常高。Guitar Shop團隊更嚴格挑選的品質,更划算的價格,有興趣的買家把握機會。

售價NT$168,000,附Gibson原廠Case (1995年原廠無提供證書)、Guitar Shop專屬保固卡,本公司商品都經過嚴格檢驗與專業調整,一年保固、免費保養與完整的售後服務,安全有保障。歡迎刷卡、分期付款。

Super rare! 1995 Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Reissue R9 Iced Tea Burst, with AAAA killer top, this crazy and rare top is between flame and quilted. Beautifully preserved 23 year old gem from the early "The Good Wood Years" of the Gibson. The current demand for these early 59R's ranks extremely high among all 59 reissues. Guitar is in 9.5/10 as excellent condition, looks very clean, detail in the photos. Don't miss it, you will have a hard time finding a cleaner 23 year old guitar, add this great guitar to your collection, it will only go up in value!

Come with original Gibson Custom Shop case, no COA this year.