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夢幻逸品2014 Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Collector's Choice CC#12 Goldtop Aged

NT$ 168,000.00

Collector's Choice是號稱地球上最接近真正Vintage Gibson的系列,將依然存在於收藏家手中的50-60年代Les Paul包括外觀、傷痕、音色、規格等完整復刻。CC琴款是多數Gibson收藏家們最夢寐以求收藏的型號,也是Gibson最頂級的復刻系列,用料與音色都經過嚴格檢驗,原廠採用3D儀器檢測,從使用痕跡、傷痕與木材和拾音器等都完全複製,音色可說是完全沒有缺陷,也是Gibson量產琴中收藏性最高的系列之一。

CC#12 Goldtop是Gibson於2014年發表的CC系列,復刻於Gibson總裁Henry Juszkiewicz所擁有編號7 3939的Les Paul Standard,全球限量300支。原廠搭配一組複製原琴音色的Custom Bucker拾音器,這組特製的拾音器能讓音色更接近原琴上的PAF,琴體木頭共鳴完美,不接音箱光是空弦就能感受到木頭最真實的共鳴回饋,琴頸為'50 Neck Profile。整體九成新,狀況良好,吉他在全新品一購入時就把原始Fret從很細的57 Frets更換為59 Frets,彈奏的觸感與延音比原始更好。CC#12目前在市場上能見度相當低,增值性與收藏價值非常高,新品訂價約台幣二十萬,Guitar Shop團隊更嚴格挑選的品質,更划算的價格,有興趣的買家把握機會。

售價NT$168,000,附Gibson原廠Case、證書文件與Guitar Shop專屬保固卡,本公司商品都經過嚴格檢驗與專業調整,一年保固、免費保養與完整的售後服務,安全有保障。歡迎刷卡、分期付款。

2014 Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Collector's Choice CC#12 Goldtop Aged, limited run of 300, very rare! This original 1957 Goldtop is owned by CEO of Gibson Brands-Henry Juszkiewicz. Guitar is in excellent condition. The frets has been changed from the thin un playable '57 frets that originally came with the guitar to 59 les paul frets, played and sounds much much better! Don't miss it, you will have a hard time finding a killer top '59 reissue, add this great guitar to your collection, it will only go up in value.

Come with original Gibson hard case, original paper work and COA.

Gibson Custom’s Collector’s Choice series recreates specific vintage Les Pauls held in notable collections to provide players around the world the opportunity to experience the precise look, feel, and tone of some of the rarest guitars in history. All Les Pauls selected for the series are extremely special, but Collector’s Choice #12 has a special place in our hearts because the original 1957 Goldtop is owned by none other than Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Brands and the man who rescued perhaps the most beloved American guitar maker from near extinction. Regardless of its owner, however, this sublime ’57 Les Paul is an outstanding example of its breed and a guitar worthy of recreation by any measure. With a sweet, thick, mellow tone--the epitome of the irresistible “gently aged Goldtop” look--and a slightly “cheeky,” rounded neck profile that nails every guitar fan’s dream of the perfect ’50s playing feel, it’s a Les Paul that will take player and collector straight to that hallowed year and most prized rendition of the Les Paul Goldtop.

The Collector’s Choice™ #12 1957 Les Paul Goldtop has been crafted based on unrestricted hands-on analysis of the original guitar, and with the full cooperation of its current owner (…well, his office is just down the hall). The guitar’s two Custom Bucker S pickups have been recreated to the exact specs and materials of the original PAFs in Mr. Juszkiewicz’s guitar, and exhibit a slightly lighter wind than average, resulting in outstanding definition and clarity, yet plenty of thickness and body. Its archetypal Goldtop finish has that characteristic slight greening caste within its bronze and subtle darkening in the lacquer checks and wear patterns, with hand aging by Gibson Custom to precisely match the look of #7-3939 as it stands today.