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夢幻逸品2015 Gibson Custom Shop True Historic Ace Frehley 1959 Les Paul Vintage Finish

NT$ 200,000.00 NT$ 300,000.00

Ace Frehley 1959 Les Paul Standard是Gibson於2015年第一款最高規格True Historic系列的Limited Run Signature,復刻於美國傳奇搖滾樂團KISS吉他手Ace Frehley所擁有編號#9-1878的1959 Les Paul Standard,全球限量250支。True Historic為Gibson目前最高等級的復刻系列,比起早期Stndard Historic系列等級告高,從最頂級的木料、色漆、黏膠、配件等都和以往的Reissue完全不同,不接音箱光是空弦就能感受到木頭最真實的共鳴回饋,原廠給True Historic的定義是一把音色幾近完美的Les Paul復刻琴。原琴因為有著非常漂亮的超級虎紋,所以原廠在製作時,挑選的木料紋路也幾乎都是4A等級起跳。原廠搭配一組複製原琴音色的Custom Bucker拾音器,這組特製的拾音器能讓音色更接近原琴。收藏品項,整體狀況九成五近新,台灣新品訂價約台幣三十萬,保值性與收藏價值相當高,琴背電路室背蓋為Custom Shop Historic部門經理Edwin Wilson簽名。Guitar Shop團隊更嚴格挑選的品質,更划算的價格,有興趣的玩家把握機會。

售價NT$200,000,附Gibson原廠Case、證書與Guitar Shop專屬保固卡,本公司商品都經過嚴格檢驗與專業調整,一年保固、免費保養與完整的售後服務,安全有保障。歡迎刷卡、分期付款。

2015 Gibson Custom Shop True Historic Ace Frehley 1959 Les Paul Vintage Finish with AAAAA Killer Top, limited run of 250, very rare! The first Artist ’59 handcrafted to the obsessive level of detail of True Historic Specifications. Guitar is in excellent condition, with very very little scratches but looks like new. Don't miss it, add this great guitar to your collection, it will only go up in value.

Come with original Gibson Custom Shop hard case and COA.

To feel an original 1959 Les Paul ‘Burst in your hands in an experience beyond description for most true players, but to know the pain of having, then losing, one of the most cherished guitars in your lifetime., is a story few have words to describe. Luckily for fans of the ’59 Les Paul and Ace Frehley, one such story left a strong enough impression that Ace is able to recall many of the details of his original, lost ’59. Based on those recollections, exhaustive research, and with Ace’s final approval, Gibson Custom has collaborated with one of Rock’s most accomplished players to bring a limited number of others the chance to feel and fear his beloved ’59 as he recalls it. Gibson Custom and Ace Frehley are proud to present the Ace Frehley ’59, the first Artist ’59 handcrafted to the obsessive level of detail of True Historic Specifications.

Based on Ace’s recollections and recordings of the original, the Limited Edition Ace Frehley ’59 by Gibson Custom is ready to be grasped, squeezed and forced to squeal as it was in the hands of the legendary Kiss guitarist. An absolute specimen to behold with a beautiful “dancing” figure in her top, a distinct “dirty lemon” fade, Ace’s choice of hang-aged wear patterns (Aged version only), and a tonal spectrum that ranges from throaty and bold to crisp and bell like with no more than subtle knob turn and a delicate change of aggression by the player. The Ace Frehley ’59 ‘Burst by Gibson Custom comes together as if it were a wish list as much a guitar.

All of this makes it only fitting that it’s the first Artist ’59 feature Gibson Custom’s most fanatical attention to detail when it comes to reproducing an original ’59 Les Paul. Beginning with precisely accurate replica plastics that have been re-sealed to original Gibson specs from the 50’s and reformulated through laboratory analysis of originals to match colour and composition, a double carved, hand-sealed top to achieve an accurate vintage dish carve, a double carved and hand sanded neck to capture an original’s neck profile, a hide glued top, hand filled rolled fingerboard binding for a silky, vintage playing feel, a thinner headstock veneer as found of original 50’s Les Pauls and a thinner, hand wet-sanded finish that only Gibson Custom crafting can deliver. To match the tone Ace recalls to vividly, two custom wound Custom Bucker pickups round off the guitar’s most intricate feature.