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全新2018 Gibson Custom Shop Tak Matsumoto Les Paul Canary Yellow 松本孝弘

NT$ 218,000.00

全新收藏琴。2018年全新推出的Tak Matsumoto Les Paul Canary Yellow,這是二十年前的1999年,日本天團B'z吉他手-松本孝弘第一款Gibson Les Paul Model,也是當年Gibson首次為亞洲吉他手製作代言琴,琴身有著非常鮮艷的Canary Yellow,而這支琴也成為了歷年來松本孝弘最知名的琴款。而2018年正為B'z成軍三十週年紀念,Gibson也順勢復刻了松本孝弘這款最經典的Les Paul Canary Yellow,保留了和當年一模一樣的配色與所有的外觀設計,並進行了一些升級與改良,像是零件升級成為Historic Specs,琴身採用Chambered減輕了重量也增加了整支琴的共鳴,琴頸為Tak Matsumoto 1959 Neck Profile,拾音器為Gibson Custombucker。松本孝弘本人在採訪中提到,我在最後一次B'z Live Dinosaur的巡迴演唱會上使用了新版的Les Paul Canary Yellow,整支琴更為輕巧,琴頸也更好掌握,這支吉他的音色非常適合演奏各種的曲風,非常高興我為B'z慶祝三十週年重新復刻了我第一支的Gibson簽名琴。Gibson在2018年發表此琴款時宣布限量150支,日本限定反受,但因不明原因最後沒做滿其數量,只販售了第一批後就無繼續製作,加上1999年第一代Canary Yellow中古價格已經超過台幣三十萬,導致復刻版日本境內價格上漲。

售價NT$218,000,附Gibson原廠松本孝弘簽名Case、證書、文件與Guitar Shop專屬保固卡。本公司商品都經過嚴格檢驗與專業調整,一年保固、免費保養與完整的售後服務,安全有保障。歡迎刷卡、分期付款。 

The new 2018 Tak Matsumoto Les Paul in Canary Yellow is based on a limited run created by Gibson Custom Shop for Tak almost 20 years ago – reissued now to honor of the 30th Anniversary of his famous band, B'z. The original run in 1999 marked the first time an Asian artist received a Gibson signature model, another great reason to commemorate this unique instrument. It retains all the unique aesthetics and handsome appointments as the original Canary Yellow model with some updates like an acoustically-chambered mahogany body and a mix of historic and contemporary parts and specs. It is offered as an exclusive model for Japan and Southeast Asia.

Tak Matsumoto says "Here we have the Canary Yellow Les Paul reissued about 20 years after the original. I played the prototype onstage at the last B'z 'Live Dinosaur' tour. It has a chambered body to be lighter, the neck fits tightly in my hands, and the guitar is a good match for various playing styles and tones, from heavy to clean. It is my great pleasure to see my very first Gibson signature guitar reissued to celebrate B'z 30th anniversary this year." 

Guitar is in mint condition.

Comes with original Gibson Custom Shop Tak Matsumoto hard case, original paperwork and COA.