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夢幻逸品Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Collector's Choice CC#13 "The Spoonful Burst" Tom Murphy Aged

NT$ 240,000.00

Collector's Choice是號稱地球上最接近真正Vintage Gibson的系列,將依然存在於收藏家手中的50-60年代Les Paul包括外觀、傷痕、音色、規格等完整復刻。CC琴款是多數Gibson收藏家們最夢寐以求收藏的型號,也是Gibson最頂級的復刻系列,用料與音色都經過嚴格檢驗,原廠採用3D儀器檢測,從使用痕跡、傷痕與木材和拾音器等都完全複製,音色可說是完全沒有缺陷,也是Gibson量產琴中收藏性最高的系列之一。

CC#13 "The Spoonful Burst"是Gibson於2013年發表的限量CC系列,全球限量300支,復刻於Gordon Kennedy手中編號9 1352的1959 Les Paul Standard,由Gibson傳奇技師Tom Murphy操刀舊化,少數外觀配色與音色都很接近Vintage Les Paul的CC,檸檬漸層中帶著點綠色,整體上色表現非常自然。CC系列只有三款為由Tom Murphy舊化,分別為CC#1、CC#2與CC#13,非常難得。Tom Murphy完整複製了原琴的傷痕位置,讓任何細節都盡可能接近原琴,且比一般的Custom Aged更加的自然和真實。整支琴拿在手中不需接音箱,光是空弦就能感受到木頭最真實的共鳴回饋,從外觀、配色一直到音色,都是一支非常完美無可挑惕的Les Paul復刻琴。原廠搭配一組複製原琴音色的Custom Bucker拾音器,這組特製的拾音器能讓音色更接近原琴上的PAF,琴頸為'59 Neck Profile,手感非常好。近期的CC因每款官方定價都超過台幣三十萬,導致前期一再飆漲,而由Tom Murphy製作出來的作品一直以來都是保值的象徵,更別說是他經手過的CC,在市面上的價格也一再飆高,收藏價值非常高,有興趣的玩家們把握機會。

售價NT$240,000,收藏品項,附Gibson原廠Case、證書文件與Guitar Shop專屬保固卡,本公司商品都經過嚴格檢驗與專業調整,一年保固、免費保養與完整的售後服務,安全有保障。歡迎刷卡、分期付款。

Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Collector's Choice CC#13 "The Spoonful Burst", Aged by Tom Murphy. Vintage look! Guitar is in mint condition.

Come with original Gibson hard case, original paper work and COA

Gibson Custom’s Collector’s Choice series provides players with the opportunity to experience the precise look, feel and tone of some of the rarest guitars in history. When Gordon Kennedy acquired his 1959 Les Paul in 2000, he was fully aware of the guitar's deep history, its contribution to popular music, and ownership by a cultural icon. This Les Paul—recreated here as Collector's Choice #13 1959 Les Paul # 9-1352 aka "The Spoonful Burst"—was the sole guitar that had accompanied the musical journey of John Sebastian, best known for a brilliant and colorful career as frontman of The Lovin' Spoonful. In his hands it had helped to create a string of hits such as "Do You Believe In Magic," "Nashville Cats," and "Welcome Back," the theme song to the hit '70s TV show Welcome Back Kotter. One of the things that makes Collector's Choice #13 "The Spoonful Burst" truly special is the way in which Gibson Custom recreates distinctive elements of its specific wear, tone, look and feel, rendering a detail-perfect instrument that comes as close as is humanly possible to an original vintage Les Paul. Unique details include its unusually balanced front and rear pickups, substantial neck profile, significant wear from a long career of heavy use by John Sebastian, and its beautifully faded Dirty Lemon burst finish. There’s no better tribute to one of America's most accomplished artists.