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夢幻逸品Gibson Custom Shop 1959 True Historic Collector's Choice CC#22 Tommy Colletti Custom “Black Beauty”

NT$ 219,000.00

Collector's Choice是號稱地球上最接近真正Vintage Gibson的系列,將依然存在於收藏家手中的50-60年代Les Paul包括外觀、傷痕、音色、規格等完整復刻。CC琴款是多數Gibson收藏家們最夢寐以求收藏的型號,也是Gibson最頂級的復刻系列,用料與音色都經過嚴格檢驗,原廠採用3D儀器檢測,從使用痕跡、傷痕與木材和拾音器等都完全複製,音色可說是完全沒有缺陷,也是Gibson量產琴中收藏性最高的系列之一。

2015年製,全球限量300支,復刻於美國The Music Zoo老闆Tommy Colletti手中編號9-0984的1959 Les Paul Custom,經典的Black Beauty黑美人配色,相當漂亮,以Custom Shop產線中最高等級的True Historic系列為基礎,從最頂級的木料、色漆、黏膠、配件等都和以往的Reissue完全不同,比起過去琴款更精細的複製技術與更完美的音色,原廠給True Historic的定義是一把音色幾近完美的Gibson復刻琴。原廠3D掃描技術,完整複製原琴的傷痕位置,讓任何的細節都盡可能接近原琴,而True Historic系列的舊化也比起以往更加精細,零件的生鏽泛黃和使用痕跡等都加以複製,這種舊化等級是以往Gibson琴款上完全見不到的。桃花心木琴身、黑檀木指板,琴頸為1959 Les Paul Custom Neck Profile,握起來非常舒適,原廠搭配一組三顆Cutsom Bucker Pickups,中段有著和前後段完全不同的輸出,造就出相較於其他Les Paul更獨特的音色,就如Jimmy Page所提過,Black Beaut是他認為最好的Les Paul之一。官方全新定價為美金$9,199,約台幣二十九萬,Guitar Shop Taiwan團隊提供更划算的價格,有興趣的買家把握機會。

售價NT$219,000,附Gibson原廠Case、證書與Guitar Shop專屬保固卡,本公司商品都經過嚴格檢驗與專業調整,一年保固、免費保養與完整的售後服務,安全有保障。歡迎刷卡、分期付款。

Limited run of 300. Introducing Collector’s Choice #22, Tommy Colletti’s 1959 Les Paul Custom “Black Beauty”, a very precise replica of Tommy’s (owner of The Music Zoo in New York and longtime Gibson Custom Shop Dealer) original, featuring True Historic Finish processes and build techniques. Each one of this very limited run of guitars features a True Historic Vintage Lamp Black finish and sports double-carved and hand-sanded top and neck profiles taken directly from the original via digital scanning.

The neck profile was particularly important to Tommy as we collaborated on replicating his original. “I’d never felt one like it before. It’s got this very soft “V” that makes it a joy to play. I was actually surprised, the first time I picked it up, at how playable it is. Now, I expect every guitar to feel that good when I hold it. I guess it spoiled me!”

Some of the other many features offered on CC#22 as part of the True Historic class of Collector’s Choice guitars include all hyde glue construction, rolled fingerboard binding and soft radiuses throughout. These thoughtful details, along with the guitar’s slightly thinner neck profile, make this a joy to hold and play, as Tommy so accurately puts it. And, as the only ’59 Black Beauty to be offered as a replica of an original, it’s a rare opportunity to add something unique to a collector's or player’s arsenal.

The guitar is in mint condition as new.

Comes with the original Gibson Custom Shop hard case, COA and original paperwork.